Junior Johnson to appear at the KOZL Man Show Expo!


Junior Johnson is one of the early superstars of NASCAR in the 1950s and 1960s. He won 50 NASCAR races in his career before retiring in 1966. In the 1970s and 1980s, he became a NASCAR racing team owner and sponsored such NASCAR champions as Cale Yarborough and Darrell Waltrip. He is credited as the first to use the drafting technique in stock car racing.

In May 2007, Johnson teamed with Piedmont Distillers of Madison, North Carolina, to introduce “Midnight Moon Moonshine”. Junior is still going full steam today and is proud to see the revival of his family’s moonshine legacy. Midnight Moon is made from American corn and blended with ultra-clean water that’s been through a five-step filtration process. The result is a very smooth spirit with a subtle sweetness from the corn. Midnight Moon is available in eight flavors – Original, 100 Proof, Apple Pie, Blackberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Cranberry and Strawberry. You can find Midnight Moon at your local Brown Derby store.

Meet Junior Johnson in person and get his autograph on a bottle of Midnight Moon Moonshine in the Brown Derby booth on the main floor of the KOZL Man Show Expo Saturday afternoon, March 21.

For more on Junior Johnson click HERE – for more info on Midnight Moon click HERE

Black Rain is in the forecast at the KOZL Man Show!

The KOZL Man Show Expo is exited to announce that Black Rain Ordnance, Inc. a precision firearms manufacturer, specializing in tactical style rifles and suppressors, located and made right here in the state of Missouri, will have a booth on the main floor of the show!

Setting the industry on its edge with some of the best machinists to manufacture the finest parts possible and a design team that is second to none that created a unique look and feel, with features that all shooters can appreciate and only using the best materials available. Black Rain Ordnance Inc. strives to use only American metal – it and are made in America by American workers.

Grady On The Rocks BRO AD

Buffalo Wild Wings HOT WING Contest at the Man Show

So you like Hot Wings you say…….well, we have a contest for you!


There is no cost to enter the contest, all you have to do is be 18 years or older, and sign-up at the Buffalo Wild Wings booth at the KOZL Man Show the morning of Saturday, March 21 before 11:30. We will hold the contest at high noon in front of the main stage.

Each contestant will eat 12 HOT WINGS (and we do mean HOT!). The person who finishes them the fastest wins. Judges will decide if you have “cleaned” them properly before awarding the win. Their word is final in this contest.

Winners will receive cash and prizes to be determined at the show….PLUS bragging rights as the KING OF THE WING at the KOZL Man Show Expo. Johnny Ferguson is our defending champ – two years in a row!


Got a Hairy Back? Turn that man sweater into a money maker at the Man Show!

Got a hairy back? Does the barber have a hard time figuring out where your hair line ends and back fur starts?

Turn that Hairy Back into Cash & Prizes by entering the Too Hotties Haircuts for Men Hairy Back Contest Friday night at the KOZL Man Show Expo!

No cost to enter contest – winner chosen by the crowd. Turn that god given sweater into a money maker!!

hairy back contest 2015